$3000 Global Scholar Program Scholarship

Every people should have the right to gain an easy access in education. This is a basic need that the society should focus on as it does not only benefit the individual, but the whole society as well. If government would just use more funds in education rather than in wars or propagandas that are going nowhere, more children would have college education or any degree programs. As one definition of education is that, “Education is the ability to think, apply it in the world and to know the value of life. It doesn’t limit with self education, but also to spread it to every human around us. There is no end for education in each and every stage of human life we learn something.” Thus, if education is no end, our efforts in improving it should also be no end.

On the other hand, there are a lot of people who does not have proper education right now. This is due to the fact that the prices of school expenses are continuously increasing every year. The student loans or debt is not also a good way of finding funds for study as it gives a very high interest rates that leaves the students in big debt before even graduating. If we really want to make education affordable, we should push the authorities to control the prices of tuition fee. Meanwhile, there are now alternatives to learning such as online degree programs. It is becoming famous as it offers a more affordable way of education. But we are not behind the fact that online degree programs still has limitations.

Fortunately, there are organizations who are willing to provide financial assistance or scholarship for students. They have programs that aspiring students could apply and submit the requirements. However, they should make sure that they have a good academic records in order to increase their possibility of being awarded. One of these programs that are helping is the Foundation for Global Scholars that provides up to $3000 scholarship support. They support students globally so it does not too much matter where you are coming from. They are dreaming of cultivating new leaders in the future in order to make the sustainable impact to the world. For more details, one could check

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