$3000 Oberlo Students Contest Prize for Students Seeking to be an Entrepreneur and Business Leaders

Oberlo is a well-known application pioneered by the eCommerce platform Shopify. Through Oberlo, any person may import goods and products directly from AliExpress, a Chinese superstore. This kind of service is every drop shipper’s dream. You may import thousands of various products to your store in Shopify and sell goods directly to your clients.

In the light of encouraging the retail industry, Oberlo conducts an annual students contest for students who would like to enter a college education and pursue a bachelor degree in line with business and entrepreneurship. Oberlo understands that college education is vital for a person to achieve his dreams and success in life. By pursuing a degree program in entrepreneurship, you may be able to qualify for their annual students contest.

In order to apply for this, the applicant must write an essay about the next big thing in e-commerce. In today’s economy, retail is being revolutionized by e-commerce. It has entirely transformed the way consumers and business owners shop. Year after year, it is becoming more vital for business persons to visualize the future with their e-commerce strategy. With this premise, Oberlo wants to know what’s next. What does the future hold for the e-commerce industry?

All essays must be e-mailed to in .pdf format on or before November 30, 2018. The candidate must enclose his or her full name, country of residence and the university or educational institution.

The top three winners for this contest will receive $3000 for first place; the second placer will be receiving $1500; and $500 for the third placer. In addition, the first place winner will have the chance for his or her essay to be published on the official blog of Oberlo and be advertised to their community of a million entrepreneurs worldwide.

Do not miss the opportunity of having a college education with a very good and timely bachelor degree. Oberlo’s generous offer is something that every aspiring entrepreneur should not miss. If you are one of those who have wide vision about the retail and business industry, start writing them up and share it to millions of people around the world. Maybe your bright idea would open doors for business men and women who are searching for new and innovative things. You will be able to take your dream degree program, at the same time, you’ll be able to help the economy of the world.

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