$1000 ChooseWhat Scholarship

It is a unique experience if a person has been into self-employment. They might have been into selling or creating website. This kind of experiences could benefit them in the long run as it could help them increase their knowledge and enhance their skills. On the other hand, this kind of person still need to have a college degree, or any degree program in order to increase their opportunity. Education could provide them more customers and help them learn more about business process or anything about the industry that they are pursuing.

Unfortunately, even though they are having a self-employment, the price of education still a problem that they need to cope with. The problem with many government of countries is that they do not make an extra effort in order to improve the education system of their country. This is a problem that they should address immediately as it really affects their citizens and even the whole order of their country. Imagine, if they will just let their citizens have college degree or any degree program by giving more education funds rather than spending for military, then the improvements would definitely increase.

As technology innovates, there are now alternatives to learning such as online education, this makes more comfort especially for the self-employed. Meanwhile, there are still a lot of limitations that online education could provide. Institutions are still looking for people who’ve undergo a formal schooling. On the other hand, the fact that there are people who are still willing to help those students finish their studies is a good hope for the future. These kind of people believes that education is a power that could change the world. They have different donors that is why they can create programs that gives scholarships or financial aids.

One of them is the ChooseWhat Scholarship that aims to help people who’ve experienced self-employment to continue their studies. They must show that they’ve learned a lot of things from the past in order to increase their chance of being awarded. They will send an essay written in Microsoft Word will send to and they would wait for the judging. The criteria is very simple, it all would be based from relevance of the examples used in explaining the lessons learned and the quality of the writing. For the complete information, visit


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