$10000 Toptal Scholarships for Women

Woman could make a big impact in the society. If they would just have more opportunities to learn, then more good things could happen in this world. Education is a thing that a woman should be equipped, this would help her to understand what she should do with her life. In the past, we all know how woman experience discrimination in education, many countries does not allow woman to go to study before as society sees them as housewives who would stay in the house. But through the constant effort of woman to struggle for equality, they’ve gained a lot of rights and benefits that are just.

Unfortunately, as the crisis of education system is getting worse, woman is one of the most affected sector in the society. They are not getting the education that they need, they tend to just go back on the time where they are seen as merely house people. Many are not dreaming of studying anymore, instead, they just want to make for someone to marry them. That is why the government should do something in providing a college degree or any degree program to its citizens. Meanwhile, although there is an improvement in technology that provides another source of learning through online education, most people still prefer a physical educational institution.

The good thing is that there are groups of people who are willing to help woman be provided with scholarships. Empowering them to make a big impact in the world as they undergo a lot of trainings. Most of these organizations believes that we need more woman to take leadership positions as we’ve seen how man failed a lot of institutions under their leadership. One of those program that aims to help is the Toptal Scholarships for Women that provides $2000 scholarship for woman who passed their qualifications. The woman that could be qualified must be at the age of sixteen and above. The good thing about this is it is an international scholarship, but an individual must be sure that she is a legal resident of her country. On the other hand, you cannot apply if you are in the countries banned by the United States. In order to learn more about the program, check

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