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BETSOL gives out $750.00 US Scholarship on various Computer Science related degree programs

Nowadays, most employer prefer a bachelor degree holder to join their respective companies. It is not considered as an act discrimination but rather, an act of systematic screening and elimination. However, gaining a degree is not as easy as snapping your fingers. That is the reason why people tend to apply on schools or universities that give scholarships to various degree programs to at least lessen their expenses and loans. However, gaining a scholarship program is not that easy. It is only given to students who are serious about their college education and who utterly meet the qualifications to be a grantee.

BETSOL is an advanced information technology company that strives to gather a number of worthy students to be granted a $750.oo bachelor degree scholarship in accordance to their commitment in investing in education and in the next generation of software-engineering talent. It is located at the backdrops of Downtown Denver, Broomfield, and the Denver Tech Center. It aims to build the next generation of products with the latest technologies with the help of aspiring students with remarkable skills who are eager and enthusiastic about getting a college education, preferably in the field of computer science.

The financial support is more than enough for an individual who sought to have a decent college education. But BETSOL is not just that, they also offer internship programs to their scholars to provide the greatest opportunities for a student to develop, progress and gain an outstanding experience. If you have what it takes to be a BETSOL scholarship grantee, do not hesitate to become one as this erratic occurrence may be the utmost change you have been waiting for in life.

In order to attain the BETSOL scholarship, the following requirements must first be meet. You must be a US citizen and an actively enrolled student, or to be accepted for the upcoming quarter or semester, majoring in Computer Science or any related degree programs from any college. Your GPA or Grade Point Average must be 3.0 or higher. Documents regarding enrollment and ratings must be authentic and reliable as these will be your proofs that will be submitted upon application. In addition, composing 300 to 500 words of essay regarding the questions asked is a requirement.

If you are one of the interested applicants, visit for more information about the scholarship.

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  • I would like to join that scholarship am a Ugandan I have a certificate in medical laboratory assistant with an experience of 4+ years I will be pleased if I will see a positive response.

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