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$5000 Henry Streuli Memorial Scholarship for a degree program

Education could really change the world if the people applies it to improve the society. Paolo Freire said that “Education does not change the world. Education changes people. People change the world.” Therefore, we need also to teach people not just to read, write and do some math. Instead, they need to learn how they could apply it their education in changing the world. But don’t get me wrong, uplifting the economical status of an individual’s life could still be a motivation in getting a college degree or any degree program.

The problem is that many people still does not have a good access to education. A lot of countries’ government are not making an extra effort in making education affordable as possible. More and more people cannot attain a college degree or any degree program forcing them just to stop and forget about their dreams. No wonder why many are going into online education because it offers flexibility and affordability. In fact, in online education, you could even be listening to a lecture at the comfort of your own home. Unfortunately, the reality is that a lot of institutions still considers that the true education is attending a formal school.

The good side is that there are ways in order to get an educational assistance. There are organizations that are willing or making an effort to deliver services that government’s failed to do. Mostly, they have advocacies that they want to pass to the next generation through the use of education. It could be protecting the environment, supporting cancer patients or providing free schooling. However, aspiring students who wants to apply for their financial assistance or scholarship offering need to comply on the requirements that they have.

One of those who are trying to help is the Henry Streuli Memorial Scholarship that aims to provide scholarship to a student who want to use their education to help make a world that has a care for cancer patients. It is named by Henry Streuli, a 14 year old who passed away due to Burkitt’s Lymphoma. He is very tenacious and loves Jesus, having a passion in equality and a love for all humanity. In order to learn more about the program, you could click

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