• Grants

    $20000 CMC-South Grants/Scholarships

    When an individual is educated, it is a sign that the person could enter a lot of opportunities that could improve their financial status. This is one of the core requirements when looking for a job, a college education or any degree program is a necessity to be qualified on job offerings. Plus, when the people are well educated, the society becomes better too. The less uneducated, the more the society could advance. As Malcolm X said, Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” The problem is that there are many people who cannot afford a college degree or any…

  • Grants

    $3000 Oberlo Students Contest Prize for Students Seeking to be an Entrepreneur and Business Leaders

    Oberlo is a well-known application pioneered by the eCommerce platform Shopify. Through Oberlo, any person may import goods and products directly from AliExpress, a Chinese superstore. This kind of service is every drop shipper’s dream. You may import thousands of various products to your store in Shopify and sell goods directly to your clients. In the light of encouraging the retail industry, Oberlo conducts an annual students contest for students who would like to enter a college education and pursue a bachelor degree in line with business and entrepreneurship. Oberlo understands that college education is vital for a person to achieve his dreams and success in life. By pursuing a…

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